11 Plus Music Tests-3

The Music Aptitude Test, also known as the MAT test, is designed to measure a student’s aptitude in music. It forms part of the 11 plus secondary transfer process for the SW Herts. Consortium of Schools.

The 11 Plus Music Test Programmes are a series of structured Workshops and Tests designed to support and thoroughly prepare children for the 11 Plus Music Aptitude Test. Drawing upon a wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge we help support and guide students through the 11 plus music testing process.

We offer:

  • Simulated Mock Music Tests to replicate the real experience in a formal setting under exam conditions.
  • 11 Plus Music Workshops to develop a student’s knowledge in all areas of the test with a strategic approach.
  • 11 Plus Music 1 to 1 Sessions for more in depth and focused practice; designed to help build confidence prior to the Music Aptitude Test or simulated Mock Music Test.
11 Plus Music Tests, Watford, Herts

We also provide 10 minutes consultation sessions for those Parents wishing to seek more information via telephone appointment or Zoom.

For further information please call 07511 333197 email info@11plusmusictests.co.uk or visit www.11plusmusictests.co.uk

All Violin & Piano Tuition staff are checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).